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Paula's Completely Cher Show Can Be A Full On Concert


60-90 minutes featuring all those exciting iconic costumes we are so familiar with. Exact Replica costumes, not look-a-like imitations that resemble the real thing. All costumes are taken from Cher's BELIEVE Tour and her very latest Concert that was held at CEARSARS PALACE, LAS VEGAS. Any length or combination of show can be arranged to fit with your specific requirements.

Cher Tribute Paula Randell Replica Las Vegas Believe Costume

Above Comparison: Cher 'Believe' Replica Concert Costume.

Cher wore this costume on her 2011 Colosseum Caesars Palace  Las Vegas Residency.

A Bob Mackie Creation.

Read About Paula'

Incredibly Authentic Production Show

Paula is highly regarded and renowned in the entertainment business as being the absolute BEST Vocal and Visual Impersonator/Tribute. The only viable alternative to CHER herself! Cher's Mother Geogia Holt quoted after attending Paula's show in Palm Springs California:

"When I closed my eyes I thought my daughter was singing to me!" 






Attention To Detail In Every Facet Of The Profession Paula's voice is extraordinarily similar to Cher herself. So much so that Cher's Mother could not tell the difference! Her absolute replica costumes, personally recorded backing tracks to replicate Cher's 'live' concerts and ultimately Paula's attitude and endearing passion, that never wanes makes her rise above the mediocre! Paula Randell's vocal impersonation and her latest costumes are second to none being EXACT REPLICAS, not look-a-like alternatives. She is a consummate professional.


Paula's Career Has Spanned Over 3 Decades Working Internationally and almost all European Countries: France, Monte Carlo, Majorca, Spain, Germany, Cyprus, Malta, Channel Islands, Guernsey and more. USA including Las Vegas, Palm Springs, California. Australia, Middle East, India, Zimbabwe. The list is endless. 


Paula Has Gained A Wealth Of


Experience  In all aspects of the entertainment business since hitting the stage in her early teens. From intimate cabaret to appearing and headlining open air concerts. Being signed to Sony Records Denmark in her own right. Performing with Scatman John and Wigfield promoting her 1st SONY RECORDS release. A Club re-mix of the ‘Foreigner’ hit ‘I Wanna Know What Love Is’. Also her own composition 2nd release, 'Rock My House’ in front of 25,000 young fans in Denmark, Scandinavia back in the 90's! Paula toured Scandinavia over 25 times and has appeared virtually everywhere in Denmark. Paula is the only artiste to have been chosen to feature on 2 consecutive Sony compilation releases Dockside Dance Party Volume 1 and 2.  Featuring artistes such as Luther Vandross, 2 Unlimited, Black Box and Livin’Joy. 'I Wanna Know What Love Is' also featured on the ’Pepsi Cola’ Compact Dance Release of over 65,000 copies.


Paula 'Headlined' In Las Vegas!

At The Riviera Hotel & Casino in her own show for 3 months. During the last few years Paula has also had several long running shows in her own Cabaret Room in Palm Springs, California where Cher's Mother Georgia Holt attended. (see testimonials/quotes)

Also, Paula has Headlined as CHER on several PRIDE Events in Copengan, Denmark,


During Her Musical Career.Precied 

Over the decades Paula has travelled to every corner of the globe. Appeared in cabaret with scores of  well respected TV Personalities of show business. Contributed her talent to numerous 'High Profile' Events. More recently Paula flew to Guernsey and the Island of Sark for 2 concerts and entertained a plethora of Celebrities for The Lord's Taverners 10th Anniversary Cricket Event. Here she entertained the current President Bill Tidy. Chris Tarrant, Nicholas Parsons, Judith Chalmers, Lorraine Chase, Mike Gatting, Robert Powel and many more TV and Sporting Celebrities. After this event Paula was personally invited and nominated by Judith Chalmers, Chris Tarrant and Nicholas Parsons to become a Lady Taverner.  


Paula's experience in the Corporate and Private Party arena is unsurpassed. Appeared in many exotic and beautiful locations held in sumptuous surroundings. Such as The Palazzo Prisio, Malta and luxurious Hotels of  Monte Carlo. Paula is consistently chosen for large Corporate Events where......

Nothing ......

But The Very Best Will Do!




Academy of Excellence

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